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     Bali has many tourist attractions and one of them is”Bali zoo” which is very suitable for visitors when they are on holiday to Bali with family and children. Bali zoo is located near the famous tourist  destination of Ubud. Its has an area of around 8 hectares and inhabited by approximately 450 species of rare species from both local and overseas such as Balinese bird” jalak Bali”, Sumatran elephant, kaswari, bird of paradise, camels, giant komodo dragons, African lion, Bengal tigers, kangaroos, snakes, crocodiles and others.

In side Bali zoo park there is a park called kampung Sumatra that is home to the animals of the Sumatran like elephants. This park is built nuanced Sumatra island and equipped with beautiful gardens, waterfalls, restaurant, and an elephant swimming pool with an area of 1000m2. Here visitors can enjoy an elephant ride activity and pass through a specially designed track while viewing the animals and enjoy the scenery around the zoo. This kampung Sumatra can be accessed by using special vehicles.

To spoil young visitors or children Bali zoo park also equipped with a miniapolis waterplay water park is a pool which was created especially for children. Bali zoo park also offers visits in the evening.

Here are some packages of Bali zoo

Zoo Admission

Adult IDR 395.000/ Child IDR 255.000

Included water park/animal encounter & show/ insurance

Zoo Explorer

Adult IDR 795.000/ Child IDR 520.000

Included hotel transfer/water park/ animal encounter & show/insurance

Breakfast with Orangutan only

Adult IDR 525.000/ Child IDR 340.000 /without hotel transfer

Breakfast with Orangutan

Adult IDR 725.000/ Child IDR 470.000

Included hotel transfer/full breakfast/zoo admission/animal show/insurance

Dinner With The Great Elephant Only

Adult IDR 555.000/ Child IDR 360.000/ without hotel transfer

Dinner With The Great Elephant

Adult IDR 755.000/Child IDR 490.000

Included hotel transfer

Elephant Riding 30 minutes

Adult IDR 1.185.000/ Child IDR 770.000

Elephant Riding 15 minutes

Adult IDR 985.000/ Child IDR 640.000

Included elephant ride/zoo admission/water park/animal encounter & show/insurance

Exclusive Elephant Ride 30 minutes

Adult IDR 1.630.000/ Child IDR 1.060.000

Exclusive Elephant Ride 15 minutes

Adult IDR 1.430.000/ Child IDR 930.000

Included hotel transfer/elephant ride/lunch/water park/zoo admission/animal encounter & show/ insurance




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