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     The Bali safari and marine park is the largest zoo in Bali with an area of approximately 40 hectares. Bali safari provides a place for wild animals in their natural habitat and built with a mix of Balinese culture. Bali safari managed by The safari park Indonesia, is recognized for expertise in the conservation of animals, shows, as well as having experience for more than 20 years in terms of providing a vehicles for the safari park. So the Bali safari and marine park becoming one of the best safari park in Indonesia, as well as the best tourist attractions for family and children in Bali.

Bali safari and marine park is situated at Lebih village, approximately 15 km to the east of tourist area of Sanur. The animals on Bali safari are partially placed in special cage and partly in the open wide area, so to enjoy these animals visitors should use bus in special design called tram and accompanied by a guide. Bali safari park present a variety of attractions such as animal shows, elephant bathing, big cat show, elephant show and Bali agung culture show. In addition to the animals, here visitor can enjoy a variety of water activities in the fun zone and swimming pool.

Bali safari also provides night tour packages known as “The night safari”. This program is suitable for tourists who want to feel the trill of adventure and will see wild animals such as lions and tigers driving at a close distance that can make the heart flutter. The tour will be accompanied by a guide and zoo keeper who will lure the animals to come closer to the feeding of meat.

Here are some packages offered by Bali safari and marine park

Jungle Hopper

Adult IDR 720.000/ Child IDR  600.000
Included, 1x safari journey/ animal show/fresh water aquarium/tiger show/elephant show/bali agung show/water park/1x fun zone/ afternoon tea


Adult IDR 1.020.000/ Child IDR 820.000
 Included, 1x safari journey/fresh water aquarium/animal show/tiger show/elephant show/ lunch at uma rest/silver seat bali agung show/water park/ fun zone


Adult  IDR 1.500.000/  Child     IDR  1.100.000
Unlimited safari journey/welcome drink/fresh water aquarium/animal show/tiger show/1x free photo/lunch at uma rest/10 minutes elephant ride/gold seat bali agung show/water park/unlimited fun zone/souvenir


Adult  IDR 2.000.000/ Child   IDR  1.600.000
Unlimited safari journey express line/welcome drink/1x free photo/30 minutes elephant ride/lunch at tsavo lion rest/platinum seat bali agung show/animal show/ tiger show/elephant show/water park/ unlimited fun zone/souvenir/free hotel transfer

Night Safari    

 Adult  IDR 1.000.000/ Child   IDR  820.000
Night safari/walking safari/Afrika rhythm fire show/nocturnal whidlife encounter/BBQ dinner or vegetarian

Elephant Back Safari   

Adult IDR 1.150.000/ Child   IDR  900.000
Unlimited safari journey/welcome drink/fresh water aquarium/1x free photo/ 30 minutes elephant ride/animal show/ tiger show/ elephant show/souvenir

Breakfast With Lion

Adult  IDR 700.000/ Child   IDR 600.000
Breakfast at tsavo lion 8.30-10.00/animal encounter/animal show/tiger show/elephant show/1x safari journey

Adventure Package from 2 pm

Adult  IDR 520.000/ Child  IDR  420.000
1x safari journey/fresh water aquarium/animal show/elephant show/1x fun zone



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